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  • NETSPass Digital Curator Programme

    Welcome to the NETSPass Project's pilot digital skills CPD programme and a big thank you to all the North East tutors who helped the development. 

    This CPD resource was commissioned by the Education and Training Foundation (ETF).  It has been produced as an open education resource (OER) under a Creative Commons licence for the FE and Skills Sector and is for you to browse through as many times as you need. If you want to import or copy the course or any of its content you will need to access the free compressed file version located on the Learning Futures website at: There is a Digital Curator Asset descriptor report in MSWord which you can find on the Learning Futures website. There is also a link to the Digital Curator Asset descriptor below.

  • Week 1 - Identify the rationale for referencing and Identify legislative requirements.

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    Your learning outcomes for this session are:

    • Create a reference.
    • Recognise that references can be created in different styles.
    • Use online resources legally i.e. Copyright, licence and reuse.
    • Define open content
    • Define what is meant by plagiarism.
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  • Week 2 - Understand your own Digital practice.

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    Your learning outcomes for this session are:

    • Identity you own digital footprint.
    • Explain your digital footprint.

    Our digital identities matter. What we post, share, say, upload, snap, and tweet represents our digital identity. It's our online presence. Regardless of how much you share, what you post can be read/seen by hundreds (if not thousands) of people. 


    Assignments: 2File: 1URLs: 3Pages: 3Book: 1
  • Week 3 - Evaluate the Digital Impact

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    Your learning outcomes for this session are:

    Identify a range of online / offline tools in the following areas;

    • communicating
    • networking
    • sharing
    • manipulating information
    • creating content
    • publishing

    Identify device / devices.

    Evaluate chosen tools.

    Summarise your choice.

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  • Week 4 - Effectively integrate blended learning.

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    Your learning outcomes for this session are:

    • Define blended learning.
    • Plan blended learning.
    • Deliver blended learning.
    Assignments: 2Pages: 2URLs: 3Book: 1
  • Week 5 - Demonstrate basic use of a range of tools and websites for finding and recording information online.


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    Your learning outcomes for this session are:

    • Evaluate the use of internet browsers.
    • Evaluate the use of search engines.
    • Practice copy/paste and download functions.
    • Successfully carry out the task of finding a person online.
    • Identify key sources of information in the subject area.
    • Practice adapting a search e.g. by broadening or narrowing, adding or removing keywords, or using different ones.
    • Identify and apply appropriate quality criteria to evaluate pre-defined information.
    • Practice the use of bookmarking/favorites to organise information.
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  • Week 6 - Demonstrate use of online discussion to communicate ideas

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    Your learning outcomes for this session are: 

    • Contribute a comment to an online discussion (e.g. forum, blog, wiki) to communicate ideas, problems and solutions to other tutors and learners. 
    • Access an external social media site with subject-related content and contribute or download digital content
    Forum: 1Page: 1URLs: 4
  • Week 7 to Week 10 - Create Digital Content

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    Your learning outcomes for this session are:

    • Establish Wi-Fi / Local network access.
    • Practice reducing file size and storage space (e.g. picture compress, zipped folders)
    • Create interactive resources (eg quizzes).
    • Create content to make it accessible.
    • Identify Methods of capturing data.
    • Photo / video editing.
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  • Useful Resources

    IF its useful and works well with Apple, moodLS or Google you will find the how to use it here it here 

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  • Course Evaluation

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